Civil Rights Data Collection

Department of Education SY 2011-12 Civil Rights Data Collection

There are four phases to the 2011-12 CRDC:

• Designating your district’s principal point of contact (due by January 20, 2012)

• The district profile update on the Advance Website (due by March 15, 2012)

• The collection of 2011-12 CRDC data

• The submission of CRDC data at the school- and district-level (August/September-December 2012)

The 2011-12 CRDC is primarily a web-based data collection.


Click here for January 2012 Letter to Superintendents, FAQ, Required Forms, and other information

The CRDC survey will be open during the following collection window:
September 24, 2012 – December 7, 2012

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